Blizzard Walkout - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.10.19

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Imran and Greg talk about a small walkout at Blizzard, layoffs at SIE EU, and how they're scared of Rebekah Valentine at Out thumbnail art today is from r/HongKong.

Time Stamps -
00:02:00 - Housekeeping
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Black Jack & Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:03:59 - Blizzard Employees Walk Out
00:14:27 - “How do you think this will affect sales on Overwatch Switch?” - Lee Pollero
00:19:02 - “When will it end?” - Borzen00
00:30:33 - Layoffs at SIE EU
00:39:27 - WB AND IO INTERACTIVE Making a New Game!
00:47:19 - Mike Ybarra Leaves Xbox
00:50:03 - Apple is Selling Xbox Controllers
00:52:44 - New Video Game Mental Health Charity Launches
00:54:06 - Hims
00:55:19 - Quip
00:56:52 - Out today
01:02:01 - Squad Up: Dan - PS4 - xSilverLobo21x
01:03:58 - You‘re Wrong

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