Fortnite x Avengers - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.22.19

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Andrea and Greg talk about what Fortnite's Endgame content could be and where Crystal Dynamics' Avengers project is.

Time Stamps -
00:02:29 - Housekeeping
Cooking with Greggy is back today on!
IGN Esports Showdown is on IGN today @ 2 p.m. PT
Vancouver Meet and Greet - May 4th -
The Roper Report -
00:03:29 - #FortniteXAvengers
00:13:53 - Assassin's Creed Unity players review-bomb Steam page with positivity
00:22:49 - Out today
00:24:57 - Quip
00:26:20 - Experian
00:27:53 - Brooklinen
Reader mail -
00:29:15 - “Today is Earth Day. As content creators do you guys ever consider the carbon footprint you are leaving?” - 2038 Pokémon CEO
00:37:37 - “Have you guys considered a DnD centric podcast like Critical Role?” - Rabs
00:41:52 - Squad Up: Rabs - EbonyRabby on Uplay - Division 2
00:42:50 - Required Content
- God of War: Raising Kratos:
- Riding With Red Dead Online Role Players:
00:47:42 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & David Jagneaux


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