Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 221 - Creeper Soccer X

You Be Creepin'? http://bit.ly/1BuRgl1 || "See there, mistah Creepah, see? Come o'a hyeaw mistah Creepah. I see, I see, I see yaw over theaw and I want yaw to be o'a hyeaw. Y'see, y'see, we'a playin' Creepah soccah o'a hyeaw and you need to be the baw, y'see, mistah creepah!"

"Ryan, shut the fuck up. Do you think anyone's really going to understand that bullshit? People need to be able to read the video description so they know we're playing Creeper Soccer X, and there's no way they're going to get that from anything you just said. Fuckin' come on."

"...NYEAW! NYEAW! Come o'a here, see? Theaw plenty'a Creepa' Soccer to watch over hyeaw."

"Go fuck yourself, Ryan." || Get a Let's Play Logo shirt and update your style, too! http://bit.ly/1T4eJXj

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