Xbox Boss Gives New Scarlett Details - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.16.2019

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It's Frandrea Friday that means Andrea Rene and Fran Mirabella chat about the new details from Phil Spencer about Xbox Scarlett, NPD numbers for July, a producer leaving Anthem, and EA reveals no lootboxes in Need for Speed Heat.

Time Stamps -
00:01:35 - Housekeeping
We’re going to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto next week! August 16-18, Greg, Tim, and Andy will be hosting two panels a day in the Gaming Garage!
The Roper Report -
00:04:06 - Xbox says Next-Gen Scarlett Will Focus on Framerates and Load Times
00:26:52 - NPD: Nintendo sweeps July, though Madden takes the crown
00:31:37 - “Wouldn't people be holding off on buying a current model if they knew the switch lite, a cheaper version is coming out next month?” - The Nano Biologist
00:37:29 - Anthem Producer Leaving BioWare After 8 Years
00:42:14 - Need for Speed Heat Won’t Have Loot Boxes
00:44:57 - Quip
00:46:56 - Experian
00:51:06 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:52:51 - “With all that free time not hosting KFGD, can you talk about what you will do in LA?” - BJ Bernardo
00:: - “Phil Spencer just killed Greg's dream of a streaming only console today but is this a bad thing?” - Borzen00
01:00:57 - “As someone who hasn’t touched Destiny since the launch week of Destiny 1…” - David Scott
01:05:10 - Squad Up: JuanMalvaes - - Infrno_player
01:06:20 - You‘re Wrong
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