Andrea Rene Returns - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.30.20

The Busiest Lady in the Business returns to Kinda funny Games Daily! Let's talk about Mario remastered rumors, Final Fantasy VII's release date movin up, and more!

Time Stamps -
00:05:09 - Housekeeping
Resident Evil 3 Remake review is live on and Gamescast podcast feeds!
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Mohammed Mohammed, Drew Gardiner, Black Jack, The Kinda Funny Destiny 2 PC Clan
The Roper Report -
00:06:35 - Nintendo Switch’s 2020 Dominated by Mario, Tom Phillips @ Eurogamer
00:11:30 - With the reports hitting about Mario games being remastered and new games being worked on what do you think the original release plan would have been (assuming Covid has had an effect on the schedule)? - Best Friends Q:The 5 Star Man
00:11:42 - If this turns out to be true and we do get remakes, remasters, or just plan rereleases of past Mario games like Galaxy 1+2, Sunshine, 64, 3D World, Paper Mario and Paper Mario 1,000 year Door do you think they will be sold piecemeal or in a bundle like Super Mario All-Stars? - Best Friends Q:TheSheepWhisper
00:18:50 - Resident Evil Review Round-Up
00:28:02 - Do you think Capcom should have done a remake of 1 in the style of 2 and 3 first? Do you think they should before they presumably do a remake of 4? - Best Friends Q:anakinjmt
00:31:18 - FFVII Releasing Early in Europe and Australia
00:34:25 - Why even keep to the release date at this point? If Square is trying to think of the fans while also trying to keep all employees involved with the distribution process as safe as possible, shouldn't they just start releasing copies? - Best Friends Q: The Nano Biologist
00:38:55 - Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Dropping this week? Andy Robinson @ Video Games
00:41:15 - Games industry rallies in fight against COVID-19
00:43:15 - Hilarious: PC Players figured out how to get into Star Wars: Jedi Academy on console and are wrecking fools, Jordan Oloman @ IGN
00:46:30 - Ad
00:47:35 - Out today
00:49:45 - Squad Up:Alex(PS4) - apw5029
00:51:00 - You‘re Wrong
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