Twitch Sued For Sexy Streamers - Inside Gaming Roundup

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This ones really gonna make you laugh. A California based Twitch member has sued the company for $25 million dollars accusing the platform of exposing him to “overly suggestive and sexual content from various female streamers.” The fun doesn’t stop there because we’ve got an action packed line up of stories for you; Animal Crossing is going to add swimming and diving to New Horizons, A Hearthstone streamer claims he was blacklisted by Blizzard, Kojima denies claims of misusing funds from MGSV to make P.T., and we finally know what Rocksteady is working on. It’s a Suicide Squad game! Top that all off with a 5-second review of Ninjala and you have got yourself one hell of an episode of Inside Gaming’s Weekend Roundup.

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