Anthem Lives! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.10.20

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Blessing and Greg talk about BioWare's new plan for Anthem and all the day's gaming news!

Time Stamps -
00:02:45 - Housekeeping
Dreams First Impressions!
Division 2 update tomorrow!
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: James Davis, Frankfurter, Drew Gardiner, Katie Gallacher, David Meintel, Shiraz Razak, Dominic Shorter, Mohammed Mohammed, Patrick Higgins, Ginny Berndt, The Nano Biologist, Travis Austin Guy-kow-ski, Joseph Soler
The Roper Report -
00:06:20 - ANTHEM LIVES!
00:20:45 - “Will they be one of the first to fail at this process?” - Best Friends Q: Bmax
00:31:15 - Phil Spencer on VR, Matt Lorrigan @
00:38:00 - The System Shock 3 team is no longer employed, Andy Robinson @ Video Games Chronicle
00:42:40 - COD Modern Warfare Season 2 Leak, Wesley Yin-Poole @ EuroGamer
00:44:08 - QUICK HITS
00:49:48 - UPSTART
00:51:08 - MINT MOBILE
00:54:15 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:55:00 - One of the creepiest things I saw over the weekend was a woman seeing her deceased daughter in VR. This CANNOT be healthy, right? - The Nano Biologist
01:00:40 - Is Google Stadia just misunderstood? - Jamie S
01:04:35 - Squad Up:The Avid Indoorsman(PS4) - LukeHighwalker06
01:06:10 - You‘re Wrong
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