Is GTA Becoming a PlayStation Exclusive? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.13.19

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Gary and Greg have a great show talking about Xbox's Halo news and Jade Raymond joining Google, and then, rumors of Sony buying Take Two break!

Time stamps -
00:05:10 - Housekeeping
Division 2 Stream Friday!
KC Meet & Greet March 30th! NYC the 6th!
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The Roper Report -
00:11:50 - Master Chief Collection Comes to Steam, Adds Reach; Brian Jarrard, Community Director at 343 Industries
00:15:45 Best Friend Q. - Today, Microsoft revealed that it would be bringing the Master Chief Collection to PC. But, unlike what we would have expected, the game isn’t only going to be sold on the Microsoft store, but also on Steam. With this move, along with the rumors of Game Pass coming to the Switch and with Project XCloud bringing XBox games to mobile, it seems like Microsoft isn’t very interested on controlling the platforms in which it releases its games. Taking this into account, coupled with the fact that the XBox One hasn’t been selling all that much, how likely do you think it is that XBox will just become a third-party developer? - Ignacio Rojas
00:22:40 - Borderlands 3!
00:24:35 Best Friend Q. - Question whether or not we really need another Borderlands - Alex Russ (Zero Syndicate)
00:29:52 Best Friend Q. - Conspiracy theorist Gearbox Software/Xbox - ReclusiveDragon
00:32:01 - Jade Raymond Joins Google Gaming, GIB
00:34:20 - SEGA Judgement, Sal Romano @ Gematsu
00:38:12 - Brendan Greene Speaks!
00:42:00 - RUMOR: Sony in talks to buy Take Two
00:52:25 - Hims
00:53:25 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:55:30 - When we do get to an all digital future, people say the digital prices will fall, like we saw on pc, but with consoles only having one store front what incentive does the console manufacturers have to actually lower the prices on the games? - Style65
01:04:25 - Squad Up: Jonathan Dixon (Xbox) - ZombieJonDixon
01:06:26 - You‘re Wrong
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