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Yoshi Crafted World is SO GOSH DARN CUTE! In my Yoshi's Crafted World review we take a look at how this adorable game adds to the always charming Yoshi games.

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If you thought Yarn Yoshi was cute in Yoshi's Woolly World, then you're going to love cardboard costume-wearing Yoshi in Crafted World. It's a chill game that oozes with charm and cuteness. Unlocking costumes through a gumball machine is not as hard as I feared because it doesn't produce any duplicates once a costume is unlocked. In fact, this was one of the more relaxing and soothing games I've completed recently and is a nice little break.

Let me know what you thought about my Yoshi's Crafted World review! And who's cuter to you: Yoshi or Kirby?

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