Sony Stock Soars - KInda Funny Games Daily 07.13.18

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Andrea and Greg discuss Sony closing at its highest level since January 2008.

00:04:38 - Housekeeping
Amazon Prime Day is Monday 7/16 - Noon to 4 PT - and hosted here.
SDCC is NEXT week! Greg’s hosting the Marvel Games Hall H Panel Thursday, we’re all hosting Rocket League’s 3rd Birthday Party Thursday at PetCo Park and it’s free, Kinda Funny’s Streaming with Skybound Friday morning, Greg’s hosting the Pool Panic World Championships from the Adult Swim State Park Friday night, and finally, there’s a sold out Skybound meet and greet Saturday! Whew. will eventually have all this laid out.
The Roper Report -
00:07:50 - Sony’s Stock Soars, Gavin J. Blair at The Hollywood Reporter
00:14:06 - IGN Was Wrong about Fortnite
00:14:56 - COD: Black Ops 4 MP and Blackout Betas
00:26:05 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:30:45 - Epic reducing their cut on Unreal Engine assets for indie developers. I have a two part question: first, does Bluehole qualify for the prorated discount? Second, do you think that Epic and the Pubg Corp reached a private settlement where the aforementioned asset discount is a result of said agreement? - richarddrackin
00:32:30 - How important you find music in games to be? - Miphiel
00:36:57 - Do you feel some video game reviewers, in particular for larger scale JRPG's like this, need to complete the game in its entirety to form their final opinions on a game? - Sean Sweeney
00:45:50 - Please reinstate the Vita Relocation Program - Joshua
00:49:00 - Squad Up: Alec IRL (Overwatch League Finals) - @notalecbaldwinn on Twitter
00:50:26 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: No show Monday! Amazon Prime Day is Monday 7/16 - Noon to 4 PT - and hosted here.


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