PS5: What If It's the Last PlayStation? - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 6

Blessing and Greg talk about the price of the PS5, what would make PlayStation get out of the console business, and explore why there's no marketing for Dreams.

Time Stamps -
00:03:07 - Housekeeping
This Week’s X’s and O’s
00:08:24 - How much is the PS5 gonna be?
00:11:52 - The Playstation 5 Page Is Live
00:28:22 - “Where would you guys like the company to go?” - Jay D.
00:39:55 - PlayStation Closes Manchester VR Studio 00:50:47 - PSN’s Top January Downloads
00:53:39 - Whatcha Playin? - Blessing
01:07:22 - Whatcha Playin? - Greg
01:28:05 - One Hundred and Four PSN Games
01:44:58 - “Just wanted to write in with some more recommendations for the 104 PSN games ranked list.” - Nathan Choquette Reader Mail
01:49:46 - “Where is the Dreams marketing?” - Uzair Syed
01:53:02 - I Dream of PSILY
02:10:44 - “Insomniac is releasing a book of the Spider-man game script.” - Jamie S
02:19:08 - PSN Profile of the Week


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