Activision Lays Off Hundreds of Employees - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.13.19

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Game Informer's Imran Khan joins Tim to discuss all the latest Activision news, Amy Henning's vision for the future of gaming, and Nintendo Direct predictions.

Time Codes -
00:01:28 - Housekeeping
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The Roper Report -
00:02:20 - Activision Blizzard Lays Off Hundreds of Employees (Kotaku Jason Schreier)
00:06:10 - Nano Biologist - Are any form of layoffs good? - Best Friend Q.
00:08:10 - Farmer Josh - What the hell does Activision even publish? - Best Friend Q.
00:11:49 - Call of Duty 2019 WIll Feature Campaign (Luke Reily IGN)
00:14:24 - Blizzard Has “No Major Frontline Release Planned for 2019” (Jessie Wade IGN)
00:16:23 - Amy Hennig Feels There Will be a Revolution in how we receive game content (Colin Stevens IGN)
00:22:25 - Alex Russ - Do you think that narrative experiences will somehow become effected by the "game as service" format? - Best Friend Q.
00:27:22 - Xbox Announces Plans To Expand Gaming Through Technology (Jessie Wade IGN)
00:31:00 - Metro Exodus Reviews are in!
00:32:10 - Out today
00:33:12 - HIMS
Reader mail -
00:34:30 - My unpopular gaming opinion is that I think FF 8 was the best of the Playstation Final Fantasy titles, so I wanted to hear your guys thoughts on the matter. Why isn't Square Enix remastering it along with the other titles for switch? - WhyNotPete
00:36:50 - From following you on Twitter and listening to your appearances on the GI Show, it seems like you always have your ear to the ground when it comes to Nintendo leaks and rumors (MP4 & Trilogy HD's development, Mother 3's localization being canceled). I was wondering if you had any scoops for us ahead of today's Direct. - LearnedAstronomer
00:41:12 - I have a prediction for what might show up in the Nintendo Direct later today: Spyro Reignited. That aside, I personally think it's high-time that we get a port of Super Mario 3D World and an enhanced port of Super Mario Maker with the campaign from the 3DS version. I could even see Nintendo making a special cable that runs from the Switch to the Dock so that the Switch can function like the Wii U. What do you guys think? - Kbabz
00:45:05 - With THQ Nordic reporting a sales increase of 713% do you see this as a sign that AA gaming might finally be making a resurgence? - MikeyD
00:46:50 - Squad Up: Farmer Josh(PS4) Dumbace15
00:48:05 - You‘re Wrong
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