Gearbox Almost Made Halo 4 - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.25.19

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Tim and Greg talk about IGN's reveal that Gearbox almost made Halo 4, The Division 2's clan system, and the journalistic ethics of reporting on layoffs.

Time Stamps -
00:02:47 - Housekeeping
Tim got engaged!
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The Roper Report -
00:03:52 - Gearbox almost made Halo 4, Brian Barnett @ IGN
00:09:45 - The Division 2 Clans Explained, Zhi-qing Wan @ Twinfinitie
00:12:03 - Respawns in Fortnite? Nolan Mackey @ Twinfinite
00:15:15 - HoloLens 2 Is Here
00:18:50 - Monster Rancher Opens a Twitter, Sal Romano @ Gematsu
00:21:15 - Ace Combat 7 KILLING It, SR @ Gematsu
00:23:12 - Out today
00:24:50 - Quip
00:26:42 - Harry’s
Reader mail -
00:2810 - Do day one reviews matter as much as they have in the past? - BillyThedoor
00:37:55 - I hope you are enjoying your time with Anthem. I personally am having a great time with it thus far. The launch has suffered from a large amount of negative opinion, often I find from people who have no personal experience with the game, but are just parroting opinion they hear elsewhere - Matt Council
00:41:50 - Do you think that Digital sales are what is hurting retail or Do you think all of the problems at Launch, like the weird release rollout and perceived lack of content, dissuaded people from buying the game? - BostonBeerDude
00:44:22 - Is it OK for a journalist to report a rumor of massive layoffs, even with several sources confirming that it will happen? - The Nano Biologist
00:54:50 - Squad Up: Paul(PS4) - pureseduction50
00:56:12 - You‘re Wrong
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