Top Video Games of the Decade - What's Good Games (Ep. 144)

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This week Andrea, Britt, and Steimer are counting down their favorite video games of the last decade! They choose 3 as a team and then count down their top 5 favorite games each. The games are not ranked in any particular order but that doesn't mean debate won't ensue.

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Segment One: Group Picks
:47 Welcome to the show!
9:07 Mass Effect 2
18:47 God of War
29:30 Horizon Zero Dawn

Segment Two: Personal Picks
39:07 Welcome back!
39:34 Guild Wars 2
47:12 Divinity: Original Sin 1/2
51:57 Destiny ½
59:00 The Witcher 3
1:09:46 Dragon Age: Inquisition
1:18:40 Skryim

Segment Three: Personal Picks Cont.
1:27:36 Welcome back!
1:27:51 Red Dead Redemption
1:32:50 The Last of Us
1:38:56 Paragon
1:43:59 GTA 5
1:48:11 Resident Evil 2/Pokémon Go
1:51:45 Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
1:58:18 Child of Light
1:58:54 Diablo III
1:59:15 Portal 2
2:00:38 Other shout-outs
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