Resident Evil 3 Reviews - WGG Live March 30, 2020

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It's March 30, 2020 and in this What's Good Games Live Andrea and Britt dive into the reviews out for Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City. They also chat about the Super Mario Bros rumors about celebrating the 35th anniversary of the franchise, the early release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in certain territories, the possibility of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign remaster surprise launching, and an update on the delay rumors for PS5 and Xbox Series X. In Dear WGG they answer questions about Resident Evil, the move to digital over physical, and the weirdest detour ever to discuss our favorite pet systems in games and the relationship between Mario and Yoshi.

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:11 Welcome to the show!
4:39 Resident Evil 3 reviews
11:05 Final Fantasy VII is shipping early
14:13 Nintendo’s rumored plans for Mario’s 35th anniversary
22:15 CoD: MW2 Remaster is launching tomorrow?!
28:45 As of now, PS5 won’t be delayed
29:15 Also, Xbox Series X won’t be delayed
36:56 Dear WGG Questions
37:38 Where does RE3 Remake rank in your list of all the series games? -DavidJack 19
41:40 So there’s no way that there will be a remake/reboot of RE4? -Dekatron
47:04 Favorite pet systems in games?
54:20 Will people stop pre-ordering physical copies of games long-term?
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