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[Los Angeles Times] Riot Games settles class-action suit by female employees who alleged harassment and discrimination
[Kotaku] Inside The Culture Of Sexism At Riot Games
[Riot Games] Our First Steps Forward
[Kotaku] Top Riot Executive Suspended Without Pay Following Investigation Over Workplace Misconduct
[LinkedIn] Scott Gelb
[Kotaku] Riot Files Motions To Block Current Employees From Taking Legal Action
[Riot Games] The Path Forward: Class Action Update
[The Hollywood Reporter] Riot Games Settles Lawsuit Over Discrimination, Sexual Harassment
[Riot Games] Riot Games One Year Later: My Reflections
[The Hollywood Reporter] Riot Games Hires Chief Diversity Officer Following Reports of Toxic Culture
[Kotaku] Over 150 Riot Employees Walk Out To Protest Forced Arbitration And Sexist Culture [Updated]
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