Disney Is Still Happy With EA - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.06.19

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Tim and Gary go over the latest Disney, EA, and Take 2 financial reports, and discuss some Nintendo rumors.

Time Stamps -
00:03:00 - Housekeeping
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The Roper Report -
00:04:48 - Disney/EA Update(Hope Corrigan IGN)
00:06:28 - Disney Still Happy With EA (Brian Crecente at Variety)
00:14:00 - EA Earnings (Jason Schreier Kotaku)
00:15:20 - Inside Xbox Episode Recap
00:27:50 - Up To 11 Unannounced First Party Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2019 (Emily ROgers via Iggy at Nintendo Soup)
00:33:30 - Take 2 Earning (Jessie Wade IGN)
00:39:45 - Out today
00:43:10 - Brooklinen
00:44:17 - Headspace
Reader mail -
00:45:48 - Do you think it’s possible they would update, to Resident Evil 2, the game to have a mode where it can be played in either first person or a fixed camera angle - Eric Myers
00:50:15 - A few months ago, the two of you talked about doing a video where you, Tim, would show you, Gary, how to play Smash Bros Ultimate. I would love that, do you think you might find the time to do it? - Sian
00:52:56 - Squad Up: Amulfo(PSN) - DBack6nuff
00:54:55 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Fran and Tim

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