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Welcome to a totally tubular episode of The Completionist! This raddical ep is about my DuckTales Remastered review. It was so good, that they had to make it again! WHOOOOAAAA! Also for all you cool kids out there, be sure to stick around until the end for a surprise.

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Hey, I may a bit biased because this channel was founded on retro games and this is getting me back in my groove! DuckTales remastered doesn't disappoint. The team behind this were passionate about everything DuckTales, to even the point where the characters are hand-drawn! (Take that Cuphead!). Originally on the NES, it was remastered in 2013 and has an absolutely amazing soundtrack by Jake Kaufman. But it doesn't stop there, they even got the original voice actors to contribute to the DuckTales game. It's truly a spirited remastered that's

Let me know what you thought about my DuckTales review!

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