Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 05.20.20

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Do we know the title of the next Call of Duty game? Eurogamer says we do, so Greg and Imran discuss it!

Time Stamps -
00:06:50 - Housekeeping
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10-year anniversary of ModNation Racers
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The Roper Report -
00:09:40 - This Year’s COD is Black Ops Cold War, Tom Phillips @ Eurogamer
00:22:10 - CD Projekt Red Topples Ubisoft, Bartosz Sobczak @
00:33:35 - Gears of War 3 on PS3, Stephen Totilo @ Kotaku
00:37:35 REQUIRED READING: This Is What Happens When a Video Game Leaks
00:40:39 - Embracer Group has 69 Unannounced Games, Jordan Oloman @ IGN
00:46:25 - #RELEASETHESNYDERCUT Henry Cavill Easter Egg in Total War, Richard Scott-Jones @ PCGamesN
00:49:40 - Out today
00:52:30 - Reader mail -
00:55:28 - Do you think we will see more instances of genre specific conferences this year or in the future in general? - The Sheep Whisper
00:58:48 - Does Splinter Cell no longer have the franchise value to Ubisoft it once did? - anakinjmt
01:05:55 - Squad Up: Mark Freeman(Zoom) - @theindieboy1 (twitter)
01:07:33 - You‘re Wrong
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