Nintendo's Exercise Ring - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.12.19

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Will Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure get Greg and Tim's blood pumping? Find out!

Time Stamps -
00:03:40 - Housekeeping
I fucked up Comicscast, streaming Borderlands this afternoon. lol
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Black Jack
Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:05:12 - Nintendo’s New Weirdness: Ring Fit Adventure
00:17:10 Best Friend Q. - Do you see this Ring-Con being used for other games, say "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Tokyo 2020" or a steering wheel for "Mario Kart"? - BJ Bernardo
00:19:47 Best Friend Q. - Greg, will you give this a shot and replace your previous Beat Saber morning workouts with this RPG adventure? - The Nano Biologist
00:20:18 - There’s a lot of Death Stranding content out there today, folks
00:24:15 Best Friend Q. - With the recent videos on Death Stranding, I feel like this is a clearer look at the gameplay loop/critical path but online I see people are still confused by it. Is that because out of the AAA landscape, this is the first high budget game in the survival genre and that doesn’t vibe with people? Or is it the mystery of this game is not compelling enough? - Jason
00:29:42 - Dauntless is leaving early access
00:31:11 - Neat Fallout 76 Idea
00:34:22 - Game Awards December 12!
00:37:10 - Out today
00:41:38 - MANSCAPED
00:42:50 - HIMS
00:44:00 - QUIP
Reader mail -
00:45:20 - Do you think the success Gears 5 is seeing is because of it being on Game Pass or was it just released at the right time? - Parker Petrov
00:50:40 - With recent news that Marvels Avengers DLC heroes will not just be simple reskins of the core game characters, who would you want to join the team? - Nerd cadet
00:55:50 - Is anyone excited about Resident Evil Project whatever? - EJ
01:00:10 - Do you think putting KFGD questions behind the Patreon wall has helped or hindered the show? - DoingOK
01:02:45 - Squad Up: Matt Penza(PS4) - R1S3_Duval
Inside The Ghosting, Racism, And Exploitation At Game Publisher Nicalis - Jason @ Kotaku
01:40:37 - You‘re Wrong
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