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Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land is the game that helped solidify the pink floof's aesthetic and charm for games to come. A visual remake of Kirby's adventure but brought to the GBA, this casual game offers some interesting challenges in completing it.

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You ever want to know the power of the Game Boy Advanced? Play the straightforward yet very fun Kirby game: Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. This was the first game with real Kirby completionist goals. Secret levels, hidden doors, it was a aesthetically a completely different game from it's OG debut as Kirby's Adventure.
Every form and every enemy really stands out in this game that creates that Kirby charm we've all come to know and love. Though some of the Kirby games tend to be a more casual play style, does the addiction of secrets help improve this game? Find out in my Kirby review!

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