What Does Optimized for Xbox Series X Mean? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.25.20

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Xbox goes into detail on Series X optimization, you're going swimming in Animal Crossing, and Greg and Bless are stoked for Avengers!

Time Stamps -
00:00:00 - Start
00:03:55 - “Now that we've seen more of what to expect from Avengers, do you think this game will release to similar or more fanfare as Destiny 1 did?” - Blood Wolf Reaper
00:14:35 - Housekeeping
TLOU2 Spoilercast with Neil, Ash, and Troy is up.
Blessing’s First Impressions of Cyberpunk are up.
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The Roper Report -
00:17:46 - What Does Optimized for Series X Mean?
00:31:57 - “Could Phil Spencer’s confidence give us hope that we will see more first party titles from Microsoft at launch than we will see from Playstation” - Sean Wimbish
00:36:29 - “Can Halo: Infinite be a "Breath of the Wild" and be such an amazing exclusive that it single-handedly wills the launch of the new console to great success?” - IAmTheGame13
00:42:29 - Animal Crossing Updates
00:46:00 - Fallout 76 Lessons Delayed Doom Eternal
00:50:01 - Out today
00:54:56 - Ad
Reader mail -
00:56:33 - “Are video games supposed to be fun?” - Anon
01:03:57 - Squad Up: Steven Nelson - Xbox - aBoyInTheWoods
01:04:44 - You‘re Wrong
01:08:10 - Post show
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Tim

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