Animal Crossing Has MONEY TREES?! - What's Good Games (Ep. 150)

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This week the coronavirus lock down continues with more news affecting the world of video games including Steam setting records with concurrent players, and YouTube and PlayStation throttling downloads. But we do have some good news too! Nintendo donated protective equipment to medical workers and the developer of Plague, Inc donated $250,000 to COVID19 response teams. Plus they chat about the Silent Hill rumors...or lack thereof and new info from the creator of Final Fantasy VII Remake trying to set expectations for Cloud. In hands-on Steimer talks about her Animal Crossing New Horizons strategies for capturing tarantulas, Andrea went Down the Rabbit Hole with an Alice in Wonderland VR title on Oculus Quest, and Britt is playing something she can't talk about yet. (but she can next week!)

*Promotional copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons provided by Nintendo

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Segment One: News
:45 Welcome!
12:27 A LOT of people are using Steam
23:20 YouTube is limiting video quality worldwide
31:56 Silent Hill isn’t happening after all?!
34:27 FFVII’s Cloud is apparently lame
43:17 Thomas the Tank is already in RE3
43:5 Animal Crossing has sold A LOT
53:05 Splash Damage is working on a Stadia exclusive

Segment Two: Hands-On
57:38 Welcome back!
1:02:21 Animal Crossing: New Horizon
1:23:22 Down the Rabbit Hole
1:37:01 Roundguard
1:42:40 Why We Sleep
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