Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Confirmed?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.12.19

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Tim and Greg talk about Janina Gavankar possibly confirming what we all knew was happening anyway.

00:02:43 - Housekeeping
Thank you NYC, Vancouver, you’re next. May 4th.
The Roper Report -
00:04:17 - Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Confirmed Kinda
00:06:14 - Star Wars Trailer Live Watch Along
00:09:00 - Back to Games
00:16:02 - Ubisoft Apologizes for Slur in The Division 2
00:21:45 - Dangerous Driving and the Epic Games Store
00:24:55 - Epic Games Hires IW and Respawn Co-Founder
00:27:13 - Rockstar and Pinkerton Calm the Fuck Down
00:28:55 - Out today
00:30:46 - “Control has announced their launch plans along with all the different versions of the game...” - The Nano Biologist
Reader mail -
00:40:47 - “Yesterday, a student wrote in asking if they should be concerned about working in game development...” - Dan Lima
00:42:42 - “How come game developers aren't using merchandise to its full potential?” - Andymac
00:47:59 - “Do you see either EA or Activision taking a lesson from Ubisoft…” - AngelTheAnswer
00:51:42 - Squad Up: Robert Mimms - PS4 - JohnLAceEsquire - Borderlands
00:52:42 - You‘re Wrong
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