Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed - Kinda Funny Games Daily 07.10.19

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Andrea and Greg dive into the nitty gritty of the Nintendo Switch Lite announcement!

Time Stamps -
00:02:18 - Housekeeping
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Colton Yoder, Black Jack, and Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:03:30 - Nintendo Switch Lite (Plus Pokemon Edition!)
00:09:28 Best Friend Q. - Why didn't Nintendo announce this at their E3 Direct? - BJ Bernardo
00:10:58 Best Friend Q. - Is this a Pokemon machine that prints money? - Borzen00
00:18:52 Best Friend Q. - How well do you think the Switch Lite will sell? - Alec from Minnesota
00:28:20 - Best Friend Q. - Do you (and gamers) in general put your Switch in the dock and play games on the TV screen? - BJ Bernardo
00:36:08 - Dr. Mario -- THE DOCTOR IS IN, James Batchelor @ GIB
00:47:30 - Hims
00:48:12 - Amazon’s Making a LoR MMO, Michael McWhertor @ Polygon
00:52:25 - The Division 2 Episode 1 - DC Outskirts: Expeditions Deets
00:56:13 - Out today
01:00:00 - Squad Up: Caleb Davis(PlayStation) - cjd1112
01:00:43 - You‘re Wrong
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