What's Up With That Harry Potter RPG? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.29.20

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Blessing and Tim talk about new reports on that WB Montreal Harry Potter games.

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TOMORROW MORNING, we’re reacting live to DreamsCom! That’s right, join Greg and me as we react to Media Molecule’s livestream as they look at some of the most exciting Dreams community projects in development and some updates from the Dreams team. That’s taking place tomorrow at 9am Pacific on Twitch.tv/KindaFunnyGames
We Have Cool Friends with Laura Bailey is live right after this episode of KFGD. She and Greg talk about her, her career, and her role in The Last of Us Part II. So stay tuned right here on Twitch.tv/KindaFunnyGames or watch & listen later on YouTube.com/KindaFunny or your podcast service of choice.
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The Roper Report -
00:05:28 - WB’s Harry Potter game is still very real and we have more details - Jason Schreier @ Bloomberg
00:18:03 - In light of this, and the numerous gaming industry scandals over the past week, I wondered how you guys feel about the balance of an artist and their art? Does it affect the quality of a great game for you, if someone behind it is known to be problematic? - Best Friends Q:MattDowse
00:23:50 - Looks like Ubisoft is about to reveal a new Battle Royale game - Jordan Oloman @ IGN
00:32:40 - Dr. Disrespect has been banned on Twitch - Matt Kim @ IGN
00:38:20 - Is Kojima teasing Death Stranding 2? - Andy Robinson @ VGC
00:42:35 - Out today
00:44:40 - Brooklinen
Reader mail -
00:46:00 - When is the absolute latest they can wait till to reveal the prices? Do you think this game of chicken has hurt either company whether it be with their reputation with fans, financially with pre-orders, or in stocks? - TheSheepWhisper
00:52:38 - In regards to last week's discussion about the Avengers game, could it have been better to be a games as a service that released heroes periodically? While only starting with two or three? Nail down the play style of the first couple, then move on to the others once they're fully fleshed out and feel like how they're supposed to? - Lee Pollero
01:00:00 - Squad Up: Dracon (Smite on all platforms (cross-play ftw)) - In game: DraconxPrime
01:00:49 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Imran and Blessing

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