Halo Infinite a Live Service? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.12.19

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Andrea and Greg discuss a never-ending Halo Infinite future.

Time Stamps -
00:02:40 - Housekeeping
The Roper Report -
00:04:30 - Halo Infinite a games as a service?
00:09:43 - New Apex Legends Character Leaked?
00:12:41 - Fortnite dance lawsuits dismissed after new Supreme Court ruling
00:16:38 - Fortnite to Intro an Undo Purchase Button
00:19:05 - PS Now Expanding
00:21:40 - Out today
00:28:36 - Hims
Reader mail -
00:30:08 - “Do you think that instead of changing the base price of games, that publishers will follow this shift of charging $10 - $20 more for some extra skins and three to five days early access to games/DLC?” - Kuchoco
00:39:18 - “Since you guys are coming to Kansas City this month you seriously need to check out UpDown if you have time!” - Alex D
00:39:46 - “Do you think it's possible that Sony is having conversations with CD Projekt Red about a possible acquisition?” - Black Jack
00:41:51 - “What are your biggest multiplayer pet peeves when matchmaking with randoms?” - Gilly Brums
00:45:42 - Required Reading - https://kotaku.com/teenagers-say-ea-brushed-off-reports-of-sexual-harassme-1833166213
00:47:18 - Squad Up: Brandon - Real Life Squad Up! - University of Central Florida - Gunn110066
00:48:40 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Greg & Whitta

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