Fortnite CEO Dunks on Blizzard's Censorship - Inside Gaming Daily

Is there anything more American than a sweat-drenched Tim Sweeney deepthroating a churro whilst speedwalking to his next billionaire vidja game fun time appointment?

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[Daily Beast] Blizzard Employees Staged a Walkout to Protest Ban of Pro-Hong Kong Gamer
[Reddit]I am leading a protest in Irvine, CA at the Blizzard Headquarters
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[BMKGaming] Statement on Blitzchung
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[Hearthstone] Hearthstone Grandmasters Asia-Pacific Ruling
[Venture Beat] Chinese censorship affects games everywhere — and it’s getting bigger
[Engadget] Chinese video-game censorship doesn't end with 'Devotion'
[Polygon] Rainbow Six Siege team reverses course, will not censor the game for global players
[Reddit] World of Warcraft client-side profanity filter includes "NoExtraditionToChina", "freeHongKong", etc
[Twitter] @fortysw4rm
[Wall Street Journal] Apple, Google Pull Hong Kong Protest Apps After China Uproar https:/
[Gizmodo] China's New Video Game Rules Officially Ban Blood, Corpses, Mahjong, and Poker
[Polygon] China’s PUBG replacement makes people wave goodbye after they die
[Youtube, Pyonic] Call Of Duty Online FULL Live Trailer Starring Chris Evans!!!!
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