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[Game Informer] Bethesda Facing Possible Class-Action Lawsuit Over Fallout 76
[Engadget] 'Doom' co-creator John Carmack ends legal fight with ZeniMax
[Polygon] Nintendo files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against ROM website
[Polygon] Epic Games is suing more Fortnite cheaters, and at least one of them is a minor
[Kotaku] Lindsay Lohan Loses Yet Again In Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit
[Polygon] Fortnite dance lawsuits dismissed after new Supreme Court ruling
[Kotaku] Court Throws Out Digital Homicide's Case Against Critic Jim Sterling
[Reuters] Lawsuit to allege Fortnite as addictive as drugs
[CBC] Addicted to Fortnite? Montreal law firm says video game company should pay up
[Engadget] Epic Games has 250 million 'Fortnite' players and a lot of plans
[CNBC] Your kid’s Fortnite obsession could land them a college scholarship
[Independent] Games like Fortnite use 'predatory' gambling techniques to make children spend, experts warn
[Forbes] Man Sues Bethesda Because 'Fallout 4' Is Too Addictive
[Mental Floss] 11 Times Video Games Led to Lawsuits
[Games Industry dot biz] Parents set to sue Blizzard after World of Warcraft player dies
[The Register] 'Alienated' gamer sues WoW for ruining life
[Tech Times] amer Sues Bethesda For Making ‘Fallout 4’ So Addictive That He Lost His Job
[NBC News] Judge: Video Game addiction suit can go on
[CBS News] World Health Organization makes "gaming disorder" a medical addiction
[Mashable] After spending $10,000 in FIFA, player realizes it's 'not worth it'
[Kotaku] Player Spends $62,000 In Runescape, Reigniting Community Anger Around Microtransactions
[Kotaku] Someone Spent Over $150,000 In Microtransactions On A Transformers Game
[BBC] 'Ban kids from loot box gambling in games'
[UK Parliament] Immersive and addictive technologies
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