SNES Games Coming To Switch? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.13.19

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Andrea and Tim talk about the latest Nintendo patents, Splinter Cell rumors, DayZ changes, and more.

Time Stamps -
00:01:57 - Housekeeping
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The Roper Report -
00:04:00 - FCC Filing May Have Revealed a Wireless SNES Controller for Nintendo Switch
00:16:12 - Splinter Cell is coming back (one day)
00:18:05 - “Could this mean that the previously reported Splinter Cell Oculus VR game is coming to light soon?” - The Nano Biologist
00:21:20 - DayZ will be changed worldwide after weed sparks Australian ban
00:25:02 - Tim Willits lands at World War Z developer Saber Interactive
00:28:35 - Out today
00:37:37 - Quip
00:39:34 - Experian
Reader mail -
00:42:19 - “Do you have any “life hacks” for attending conventions?” - 2038 Pokemon CEO
00:46:02 - “Do you think this is Switch SNES games or something else?” - Borzen00
00:50:20 - “Could Gamepass subscriptions and software sales become Xbox's breadwinner?” - Rita
00:56:01 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg & Whitta


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