Spider-Man: Miles Morales Is a Standalone PS5 Game - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.11.20

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Blessing and Greg sort through the PS5 and The Last of Us Part II review aftermath!

Time Stamps -
00:02:55 - Housekeeping
Right after this, it’s the Kinda Funny Core Game Jam Results! If you’re watching live, download Core for free ASAP and play games with us at coregames.com!
The Kinda Funny Showcase is back, but it’s called the Guerilla Collective! We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Media Indie Exchange to do a three-day showcase featuring nearly 90 games! It all kicks off TOMORROW at it’s NEW START TIME of 9 am PT on twitch!
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The Roper Report -
00:05:55 - Miles Morales Spider-Man is an “Expansion and enhancement to the original,” Andy Robinson @ VGC
00:20:52 - PS5 Follow-Ups...
00:29:00 - Do you think it will change colors just like the light on the controllers do? For example- Red when you are low on health, Yellow to indicate when enemies are near by. - Best Friends Q:Dapper Stephen With a PH
00:39:15 - TLOU2 Review Round-Up
00:54:52 - Star Wars Maverick is Star Wars Squadrons? Jeff @ GamesBeat
00:58:07 - NPD for May 2020, Jeffy Grubb-Grubb
01:01:20 - Gods and Monsters Demo Leaks on Stadia, Tom Phillips @ EuroGamer
01:04:15 - EA Squadron stuff
01:04:40 - Out today
01:06:20 - Squad Up:Frankfurtter(PlayStation) - Frankfurtter
01:07:15 - You‘re Wrong
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