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I have to admit something. I never played Donkey Kong Country 3 when it came out. I ignored it. I didn't see the familiar faces of the Kongs I knew and it kept me from trying the game. But now see what I think in my Donkey Kong Country 3 review!

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I never played Donkey Kong Country 3. I skipped it entirely as did most people when the familiar characters of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were not playable in this game. Instead we had Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong as our dynamic duo in Donkey Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. And because of all this, a lot of people missed out on one of the refined games of the franchise (well, one of the most refined now that Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is out). Visually this game is absolutely gorgeous, and you can clearly see Rareware leave their whimsical mark on it. I love all the character designs besides a few gripes about the bosses, but I never thought I'd get that into this game. I was worried that I wouldn't actually love a Donkey Kong Country game! What would I do with myself?! But after playing it on Super Beard Bros, I've come to really appreciate it. Except for the Kiddy Kong feet thing. What is that? It freaks me out and I'm not gonna drop it!

Let me know what you thought about my Donkey Kong Country 3 review!

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