Xbox Scarlett Details Emerge? - What's Good Games (Ep. 63)

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This week the ladies are joined once again by Alanah Pearce! Let’s talk about those Xbox Scarlett rumors and what it could mean for the industry (if true!), Rocket League’s transparent drop rates and the insane amount of money Fortnite mobile is making. Hands-on impressions include updated Octopath Traveler impressions, No Man’s Sky and, after going hands-on with it, Andrea’s not so sure about the Resident Evil 2 remake. The third segment accidentally becomes a discussion/mini-spoilercast all about Ready Player One!

Thanks to Alanah Pearce for coming on the show! Find her channels at:

Segment One: News
:43 Welcome to the show! Alanah Pearce is here!
17:12 New Xbox hardware rumors: SCARLETT!
30:10 Rocket League drop rate
35:04 Fortnite’s daily mobile revenue is bananas
39:37 Porn and video games drive VR revenue – WHO KNEW?!

Segment Two: What We’re Playing
44:12 Welcome back!
48:12 Updated Octopath Traveler impressions
59:49 Andrea played Resident Evil 2 and wasn’t impressed
1:13:54 No Man’s Sky NEXT impressions
1:18:25 Alanah played Infliction and it was scary

Segment Three: Grab Bag
1:24:00 Ready Player One review/mini-spoilercast

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