Porn on Ninja's Twitch Channel - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.12.19

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Tim and Greg talk about Twitch dropping the ball and promoting porn on Ninja's Twitch channel over the weeken, Xbox's future, and more!

Time Stamps -
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The Roper Report -
00:03:12 - Twitch Shows Porn on Ninja’s Dormant Channel, Luke Plunkett @ Kotaku
00:09:20 - The Outer Worlds is an “Exclusive” Xbox Franchise, Richard Wakeling @ GameSpot
00:10:20 - Games From New Xbox First-Party Developers Might Launch on PlayStation and Switch Too, Alysia Judge @ IGN
00:22:20 - DayZ Refused Classification in Australia, Luke Reilly
00:24:24 - Epic to Address BRUTE Spawn Rates, Epic on Reddit
00:26:10 - GRID 2 Delisted on Digital Storefronts, James O’Connor @ GS
00:30:30 - Out today
00:35:30 - QUIP
00:37:30 - EXPERIAN
Reader mail -
00:39:10 - I saw on windows central today an article that stated for one developer game sales quadruped because it was in game pass. In the past Microsoft had stated as well that games in gamepass generally lead to higher sales. This leads me to wonder why Sony hasn't seemed to make any changes too PS Now as a reaction? As the service seems stagnated in comparison to GamePass. As PS Now, still can't download PS3 games, PS Now still lacks recent hits such as the new God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. - Parker Petrov
00:48:00 - Why are people so quick to do these heinous acts? Do they not realize how severe these threats are, or that these threats/actions do carry severe consequences? - The Nano Biologist
00:50:35 - I’ve never been to PAX before (or any type of convention actually) and I’m wondering what I’m going to actually be doing. Am I going to be playing games? Watching other people play games? - Jeffrey P Long
00:53:40 - Squad Up:Sarah (Pokemon Go) 3577 7346 7142
Bonus Squad up PSN:LilBruceBanner3
00:57:55 - You‘re Wrong
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TUESDAY: Greg and Andrea
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THURSDAY: Andrea and Barrett
FRIDAY: Fran and Andrea


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