Rest in Peace, PlayStation Vita - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.04.19

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Andrea and Greg put the final nail in the Vita's coffin, talk about THQ Nordic's latest apology, and gush about The Division 2.

Time Stamps -
00:04:30 - Housekeeping
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Tom Bock and Black Jack!
The Roper Report -
00:06:50 - For Reals, RIP Vita, Hayden Taylor at GIB
00:08:20 - THQ Nordic parent company aplogizes for AMA, Brenan Sinclair GIB
00:13:13 - Witcher 3 Game Director Joins Cyberpunk 2077 Team, Jody Macgregor @
00:16:10 - Dreams will have game templates, Leon Hurley @ GamesRadar
00:21:42 - Apex Legends hit 50 Million Players Worldwide
00:22:08 - Anthem issues
00:27:10 - Out today
00:29:18 - BROOKLINEN
00:30:24 - HEADSPACE
Reader mail -
00:32:08 - I was in the open beta for Division 2 this weekend and experienced a lot of audio problems. I wondering if you experienced any of this with your time on the beta and of course your opinions on the game? - Alan Kuhlemier
00:35:05 - The Division 2's game director Julian Gerighty addressed a major concern from the first Division, bullet sponge enemies. He said "You're going to kill enemies much faster, but they're going to kill you much faster too, which really puts the emphasis on cover-based gameplay." This was my biggest problem with the original Division, some of the heavies took forever to kill. Greg, you've spent a lot of time hands-on now, do you think this problem has been adequately solved? Are the heavy enemies and bosses less bullet spongey in your opinion? - Black Jack
00:39:11 - Do you have general tips about managing gaming time while keeping a healthy relationship? - Dan Lima
00:43:27 - What do you guys think about more and more games becoming services and streaming services. Without really owning a physical game? Does it make you worried for collecting game for your library? - Justin Das
00:47:24 - Do you in any way forsee a "gaming financial crisis" occuring in the near future? - Angelos Gambitsis
00:50:18 - Squad Up: Tim Currey(PS4) - Steppenwolfmotha
00:51:30 - You‘re Wrong
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