Xbox Acquires Bethesda - Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.21.20

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Microsoft has bought ZeniMax media bringing Bethesda and all their studios to the Xbox family. Blessing and Tim discuss this huge move and more.

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The Roper Report -
00:03:34 - Microsoft Acquires Bethesda - Joe Skrebels @ IGN
00:14:00 - Do you guys think this means Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 will be Xbox exclusives? - Best Friends Q:Wispa
00:19:40 - Is it fair to say that Microsoft is indeed playing Sony's game? - Best Friends Q:Marc Starvajji
00:24:35 - Is this Microsoft saying “no more third party” and starting a bidding war over that landscape - Best Friends Q:Andrew Dramis
00:34:05 - Based on how PlayStation was being dragged just a few weeks ago about being "consumer-friendly," is today's move by Microsoft enough to start those same conversations? - Best Friends Q:DrummerDuck09
00:39:18 - Hades is a huge success
00:41:57 - PlayStation Apologizes for the pre-order debacle - @PlayStation on Twitter
00:49:10 - Logitech
00:50:20 - KLARNA
00:51:25 - Hello Fresh
00:53:20 - Devs behind Skullgirls and Indivisible have formed a new games studio - press release
00:57:21 - You can now stream your Xbox One games to your Android phone for free - Tom Warren @ The Verge
00:58:30 - Out today
00:59:40 - Squad Up:Tyler Wallis(PS4) - Tyler_Dur_Den_
01:00:13 - You‘re Wrong
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