Epic Games Store's Ultimatum - What's Good Games (Ep. 111)

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This week the team is chatting about PUBG's new "narrative experience" in the works, Respawn telling folks Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is more than meets the eye, and the Epic Games Store ultimatum delivered by Tim Sweeney. In our hands-on segment, Britt and Andrea discuss their time with Cadence of Hyrule, Steimer has been slaying in Dauntless, and Britt is loving the world of Judgement. Lastly, they take your Dear WGG questions including female representation in video games, Baldur's Gate 3 hype, and more.

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Segment One: News
:44 Welcome to the show!
14:46 A new PUBG narrative experience?!
22:28 Jedi: Fallen Order’s E3 demo
32:09 Epic’s strategy to disrupt Steam

Segment Two: Hands-On
44:33 Welcome back!
47:10 Cadence of Hyrule
59:48 Dauntless
1:03:35 Monster Hunter World
1:07:18 Judgment
1:15:00 Steimer’s Rage 2 update

Segment Three: Dear WGG questions!
1:17:50 Welcome back!
1:20:24 Have you ever put down a game, then come back to it later and LOVE IT? – Moll-AY
1:24:58 How excited are you for Baldur’s Gate 3?! – Sascha
1:29:23 Your thoughts on female representation in video games? -Gabbie
1:39:25 Will you be joining us for PAX West? – Nicole
1:40:15 The future of internet caps – The Nano Biologist
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