Xbox Series X Launching Without Exclusives? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.10.20

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Blessing and Tim talk through Microsoft's strategy of launching Xbox Series X without exclusives along with the DICE Awards finalists and more.

Time Stamps -
00:03:38 - Housekeeping
The Roper Report -
00:04:08 - Xbox Series X Exclusive Games From Xbox Game Studios Will Start Coming One Year After Launch
00:18:33 - The 23rd Annual DICE Awards Finalists Have Been Announced
00:29:32 - “Do you think Death Stranding has a better shot at winning most of these awards unlike the game awards?” - Frankfurtter
00:31:13 - Ubisoft Australia Donates To Australian Bushfire Crisis
00:34:54 - Metacritic Users Rank Top Games Of The 2010s Decade
00:37:57 - There are New Resident Evil 3 Details From Official PlayStation Magazine
00:43:20 - Out today
00:48:03 - Mint Mobile
Reader mail -
00:50:05 - “How ready is everyone at KF for RE3?” - Torbannok
00:56:28 - “Will we ever get an Outer Worlds game with the movement and fluidity like Apex legends?” - Tyler from NYC
01:02:14 - You‘re Wrong
01:04:44 - Post Show
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