Blizzard had a really bad week

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Blizzard just lost another veteran game dev and the Hearthstone community is pretty unhappy with the new progression system and achievements update. Game of the Year discussions are coming in fast and more specifically Geoff Kieghley just released the nominees for The Game Awards. IO Interactive just launched a teaser for their new James Bond video game, Demon’s Souls almost had an easy mode, and the Far Cry 6 release date might have leaked. Brian’s 5-Second review this week is on Demon’s Souls Remastered and as usual, we have got next week’s new releases all lined up for you. Thanks for watching the Inside Gaming Weekend Roundup and have yourselves a great weekend!

* Note - Brian recorded this just before the secret door was opened in Demon's Souls Remake. He mentions it at 7:09 and it has since been opened. There's cool looking armor inside. Carry on.

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