Is the PS5 Getting Delayed? - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 12

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Greg and Blessing talk about coronavirus' impact on the PS5, Nintendo's copyrights in Dreams, and more!

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00:06:03 - Housekeeping
Mohammed Mohammed, Sancho West Gaming, Max Blair, Michael Bradley, James Hastings, Duval King Jabub, Julian The Gluten Free Gamer, Joseph O Youssef, Evan Ballard, Cody Banks, Tom Bock, Steven Insler, Trent Berri, NanoSupport
This Week’s X’s and O’s
00:07:00 - Is PS5 Getting Delayed?
00:35:02 - Sony has posted an update about PS5 backwards compatibility - PS Blog
00:47:45 - Is PlayStation in trouble? - Quickjab
00:53:20 - Does Content Claiming pose a threat to Dreams? - Zack Zweizen @ Kotaku
01:05:06 - What Ya Playin?
01:27:52 - One Hundred and Four PSN Games
01:58:25 - Playstation Greatest Hits
02:07:12 - Fantasy Critics Check-in
02:09:52 - PSN Profile of the Week


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