Cyberpunk 2077’s player base crashes

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Cyberpunk 2077 undeniably had a rough launch in mid-December across the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series S, and even the PC version took some hits so maybe it’s not too surprising that the games player count is dwindling a little early.

To make a more apt comparison it’s dwindling early compared to statistics gathered from the launch and ongoing player count of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red may yet launch another round of fixes and updates that bring players back but until then it looks like most players are waiting for the game to be fixed before they return to Night City.

In other news, it looks like Microsoft might be looking to add a few of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller features to the next iteration of the newest Xbox controller. A survey went out asking Xbox customers what elements of Sony’s newest hardware they thought they might want to be included in Xbox products. It doesn’t mean anything yet but maybe we’ll see better adaptive triggers come to the newest generation of Xbox controllers.

In another story reviewing and paying homage to the history of all things Xbox, a commercial encounter between Microsoft and Nintendo was revealed. Turns out, in the year 2000 Steve Balmer sent Microsoft execs to meet with Nintendo to see if the latter would be open to an acquisition. We all know how history played out but safe to say there was more than a bit of laughter.

As for Nintendo acquisitions, the house that Mario built is buying the company that built Luigi’s Mansion 3. Okay that didn’t work really but you see it… you see it. The purchase of Next Level Games, makers of Mario Super Strikers, Metroid Prime Federation Force, and Punchout on the Wii, will be made final in March.

Industry analysts are predicting that the Nintendo Switch will outsell next-gen consoles in the new year and lastly, something maybe no one could have predicted, Star Citizen had another record-breaking year of fundraising.

It’s a story packed week as the new year launches itself toward the future but stick around for a 5-Second Review of Super Meat Boy Forever and a brief yet pleasant “coming soon” section.

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