Killzone Is Dead (And that's a Good Thing) - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 52

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Greg and Blessing talk about getting shutdown, Bloodborne month, and so much more!

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00:09:53 - Housekeeping
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00:10:35 - Is Killzone Dead?
00:13:22 - “I think people are putting too much attention into what seems like a unification of” - Joseph
00:27:44 - “My hope had always been that they’d use the franchise to tell an incredible sci-fi story through the vehicle of a FPS game.” - bandwagner
00:35:00 - “Not letting properties go is Xbox's current issue.” - The Nano Biologist
00:36:30 - “It would be a shame to end the Killzone series” - The New Game
00:48:42 - Ads
- Playstation Updates -
00:52:39 - Quantic Dream's David Cage Teases Exciting 2021
01:13:51 - Playstation Picks
01:18:01 - Whatcha Playin?
01:41:30 -#PSILOVEPHOTOMODE - Next Week: Ghost of Tsushima


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