Assassin's Creed Ragnarok?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.04.19

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Did The Division 2 tease an Assassin's Creed vikings game?! Andrea and Greg discuss.

Time Stamps -
00:03:38 - Housekeeping
Saturday, you’re on the clock, New York! 3 p.m. at e’s Bar Morningside Heights
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Tom Bock
Black Jack
James Davis
Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:04:44 - Division 2 Easter Egg Teasing the Next AC Game?
00:10:52 - GameStop Strugglin’ Brendan Sinclair @ GIB
00:21:50 Best Friend Q. - What do you think GameStop can do to diversify their business and continue in to the next-gen of gaming? - Ryan Bickham
00:24:25 - Prince Harry Wants to Ban Games, Liz Lanier @ Vatiety
00:28:25 - Ubi Cancels Starlink Physical Toys, Hayden Taylor GIB
00:31:08 - Out today
00:34:53 - 23 & Me
00:36:25 - SkillShare
Reader mail -
00:37:45 - We know it's not and I love great games, but not at the expense of those creating it. Perhaps speak out at IGDA meet ups on how to better things? - Alex Russ (Zero Syndicate)
00:45:30 - Do you think Casey and EA will takes mental health issues seriously and help change the whole industry or will suffers just be ignored completely? - Borzen00 (Bore-zen Zero Zero)
00:50:05 - Do you think we can ever find some balance between accessibility vs. challenge vs. creative direction? - Alec from Minnesota
00:53:14 - Letter from Steve - Steve Saylor, the Blind Gamer
00:55:50 - Squad Up: Deric(Ps4) - TheCakersMan
00:56:18 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Fran and Andrea


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