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This week on New Game Plus I re-complete Kingdom Hearts 1! With Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out, it's time to see how the first one holds up in my Kingdom Hearts review!


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What a cross over! When it first came out, Disney AND Squaresoft? And it all happened because of a literal elevator pitch. Now it's been some time so I'm re-completing the game in the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix PS4 version. This means some added collectibles, PS4 trophies, and updated audio and visuals. And after all this time, I can't believe I get to say Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out!! I've completed so many of these games, and at times they seem endless. But it's time to start at the beginning, to the game that started it all and created lifelong fans.

Let me know what you thought about my Kingdom Hearts review! And let me also know what other games should I re-complete for New Game Plus.

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