Half-Life: Alyx Review Roundup - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.23.20

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Blessing and Tim talk about the glowing reviews of Half Life: Alyx, Gamestop closing its stores, and more.

Time Stamps -
00:05:00 - Housekeeping
Our Half Life Alyx Review episode of Gamescast is live right now featuring Greg and Danny O’Dwyer (Does Danny say it’s a GOTY contender? Tune in to find out)
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Mohammed Mohammed, Drew Gardiner, Black Jack, The Kinda Funny Destiny 2 PC Clan
The Roper Report -
00:06:30 - Half Life Alyx Review Round Up
00:23:54 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons smashes sales records in the UK - Christopher Dring @ GIBiz
00:32:35 - How much money is Nintendo making right now? - Best Friends Q:Jacob Meyer A-K-A!! Waikayemm
GameStop Finally Closes Stores To Customers - Jason Schreier @ Kotaku
00:34:15 - GameStop Finally Closes Stores To Customers - Jason Schreier @ Kotaku
00:39:04 - Sony Reportedly Pulls Mario Creation From Dreams After Nintendo Complaint - Joseph Knoop @ IGN
00:45:00 - Nintendo is going after Dreams creators for creating and using a VERY good Mario model. Do you think this opens Nintendo up for the same litigation and pursuit of copyright? - Best Friends Q:The Nano Biologist
00:49:18 - Out today
00:52:30 - QUIP
00:53:29 - ExpressVPN
Reader mail -
00:55:15 - Everybody is talking about the PS5 being “less powerful”. But one thing people seem to forget is that Xbox plans to have their games playable on the old Xbox one, which means they will have to make the games playable on the older hardware with their limitations. (Having the long elevator rides and such) Sony on the other hand explained that with their new tech they will be able to design games as they envisioned and not be constrained by the slow hard drives of older generations. What do you think about this different approach? - Marleynito
01:04:50 - Squad Up:The Nano Biologist
01:06:10 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Blessing & Imran

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