Bethesda Announces Indiana Jones Game - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.12.21

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Blessing and Imran tackle a HUGE news day. On the agenda: Indiana Jones from Machine Games of Wolfenstein, PlayStation release dates, and more!

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We heard your cries and now it’s official. We’re now uploading all of our Twitch streaming over on a third youtube channel called Kinda Funny Plays. That way if you missed out on some shenanigans and want to catch up on the action, you can catch it there.
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A new PS I Love You XOXO is out today and it’s an excellent episode about Killzone and whether or not it’s DEAD.
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The Roper Report -
00:08:22 - A new Indiana Jones game has been announced - Bethesda on Twitter
00:11:50 - What is the most likely version of the Indiana Jones game we are getting from Machine Games? Third-person? First-person? Tomb Raidery or Horizony? - Best Friends Q:Mitch Krassin
00:12:10 - With Indiana Jones being announced, how do you think that game will fall into the Microsoft acquisition, Xbox exclusive? Gamepass? If it's 3rd party and it's successful would Microsoft continue making them? - Best Friends Q:Glutenfull
00:25:01 - We’ve got a bunch of PS5 release windows! - Jenni Lada @ Siliconera
00:30:05 - Google Stadia and GeForce Now are coming to LG TVs in 2021 - Chris Welch @ The Verge
00:34:25 - Do we know when Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming? - Steve Watts @ Gamespot
00:37:38 - Speaking of EA space games: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is getting a next gen update - Matt Purslow @ IGN
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00:46:05 - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury got a dope new trailer - Joe Skrebels @ IGN
00:48:05 - How long are you both expecting this to be? W - Best Friends Q:BobbyWasabi
00:51:00 - Also there’s a new Mario red Switch model! - Matt Purslow
00:51:50 - A quick update on the Capcom hack - James Batchelor @ GiBiz
00:53:50 - Out today
00:54:35 - Squad Up:TheCakersMan(PSN) - TheCakersMan
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