Resident Evil Village accused of art and design theft

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Resident Evil Village is off to a great start with critical acclaim and some very strong sales but there might be an issue with the game’s monster design.

Richard Raaphorst, director, concept artist, and co-writer of a horror movie from 2013 called Frankenstein's Army is claiming that Capcom knowingly lifted his creative work and put it into Resident Evil 8 without his permission.

There are a few similar creatures but one with a propeller for a head is sticking out pretty strongly as more than a mere coincidence. We have collected footage of the film and the Sturm boss fight from RE8 so you can take a look and try to decide for yourself…

Did Capcom use someone else's IP in a major AAA video game franchise or is the work a more general inspiration from horror as a genre that’s just happened to overlap?

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