Minecraft PENNYWISE THE EVIL CLOWN! Hide N Seek! (Minecraft IT Minigame)

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Join SkyDoesMinecraft and friends as they run from Pennywise the Clown in this Minecraft IT themed Hide and Seek: Minecraft IT Hide and Seek! PENNYWISE THE CLOWN! (Minecraft IT Minigame)!

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Join SkyDoesMinecraft in Minecraft IT Hide and Seek! PENNYWISE THE CLOWN! (Minecraft IT Minigame) with PrestonDanger, AlaskAngeles and MorganLaMer, The most terrifying episode of hide and seek yet! If you are scared of clowns, you might want to grab your blanket for this one! There will be creepy clowns chasing you in a sewer cackling at you while they are trying to murder you. So, run and hide in fear for you will not want to get caught by IT! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! Will Sky Does Minecraft be able to get away from AlaskAngeles and his terrifying, murderous laugh or will he perish, find out today in this hilarious commentary/gameplay of Minecraft it hide and seek. If you enjoyed watching or if Minecraft is your favorite video game slap that like button and f you haven’t yet subscribed and would like to, make sure to click the notification bell, so you never miss a funny moment again. Thank you all for watching Minecraft IT Hide and Seek! PENNYWISE THE CLOWN! (Minecraft IT Minigame) see you in the next Minecraft hide and seek.

Preston - http://www.twitter.com/prestondanger_
Evan - http://www.twitter.com/alaskangeles
Morgan - http://www.twitter.com/morganlamer

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