You probably won’t get a PS5 or Series X this year

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The PS5 and the Xbox Series continue to be locked in an eternal battle as new sales figures reveal some interesting bits of information. More specifically sales number have come in from Japan and it looks like the PS5 is handily beating out the Xbox Series X but console sales overall are down compared to last generation.

The data we have so far is only a small slice of the pie and Xbox has always sold poorly in Japan so take that as you will - also we can probably assume Microsoft would make less units available in Japan based on their sales history there. Covid has obviously taken its toll on the production of latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles and analysts are saying even though demand is super high, there just aren’t enough Series X and PS5 consoles to go around.

Don’t get to down about, at least you have the most recent edition of Inside Gaming Daily to keep you company. See you in the comments.

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