New Pokémon Snap and Alexa Ray Corriea - Ep. 234

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This week WGG alum Alexa Ray Corriea joins Andrea for a discussion on the earnings reports for EA & Ubisoft, E3 2021 announcements on who is and isn't participating, an update on the Epic v Apple trial and more. In hands-on Andrea finally gets to talk about her time so far with Mass Effect Legendary Edition and it would be an Alexa Ray guest appearance with talk of Pokémon. Lastly, Alexa takes your questions about her upcoming game Aztech: Forgotten Gods, working in video game writing, and what's she playing.

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Time stamps:
1:00 - welcome Alexa Ray Corriea to the show
4:10 - Ubisoft earnings call indicates a move away from AAA games
11:05 - EA is moving EA PLAY Live to July 22nd
22:35 - Naked Banana Man Peely featured in the Epic vs Apple Trial
29:15 - PlayStation has over 25 Titles in the works for PS5
32:55 - Rumor: Sony's next version of PSVR sounds pretty cool
37:30 - Capcom posted record profits for the 4th year in a row
40:50 - BREAK 1
44:54 - Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Andrea's first 10 hours
1:03:55 - Alexa Ray talks about her time in Pokémon Snap
1:13:30 - BREAK 2
1:16:30 - Q&A with Alexa Ray
1:17:00 - Working on Bugsnax
1:20:30 - How Alexa started working on Aztech: Forgotten Gods
1:27:00 - Is Alexa secretly working on Kingdom Hearts 4?
1:34:26 - What is Alexa's favorite part of being a writer in video games?

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